Arts & Business Council of Miami

Volunteer Lawyers For Arts Application For Legal Assistance ​



By submitting my electronic signature below, and by submitting this application, I am making the following representations:


  1. The information provided by me in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, compete and accurate.
  2. I understand that continuation in the program is at the discretion of the program administrator, and that filling out this application does not entitle me to any services.
  3. I understand it may take up to 90 days to find a matching attorney for my case and VLA cannot guarantee that it will be able to refer my case to a volunteer attorney. If we have not matched your case in 120 days your case will expire and will issue a pro se letter.
  4. I understand that the matter may be placed with an attorney, and that this person’s representation may be limited to what you outlined in the form.
  5. I agree and understand that this application does not create an attorney-client relationship between any named applicant or myself and any individual attorney, the Arts & Business Council of Miami or Dade Legal Aid.
  6. I agree not to initiate or pursue any legal action against the Arts & Business Council of Miami, Dade Legal Aid and their affiliates, contractors, employees, officers, volunteers, and other representatives due to, as a result of, or arising from , any advance, assistance, recommendations, referrals, or other activities in relation to their application or for any injury or damages resulting from any action or omission in connection with the advice, assistance, recommendations, referrals, or other activities of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.
  7. I hereby agree that in the event litigation, arbitration or a similar proceeding becomes necessary, I will not oppose my current Volunteer’s decision (or formal motion before a tribunal) to withdraw from representation.
  8. Please review your application carefully before submitting. Submitting your application multiple times will cause unnecessary delays. We ask you to please be certain of your responses before pressing the submit button.

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